what Moma taught me

Today I’d rather be sitting with my own Moma in our own house and chatting with her on this Sunday afternoon instead of avoiding all of the things that need doing by tomorrow. Alas, she’s far away and there are indeed lots things to do today. Even still, Moma’s rules for life make increasingly more sense as my life makes less and less sense and I thought I’d offer some of them to you.

Moma’s Rules for Life:

  1. Always sound extra perky on the phone, it’s easy to sound cranky.
  2. Always thank the cook before you leave the table.
  3. Sometimes all you need to mend a broken heart are apples and cheese.
  4. Always use a person’s name when you say hello. Especially with parents, they love that. Don’t just offer someone a meek “hi.”
  5. Take extra time to thank the people you need to thank.
  6. Document life well. Take pictures. Lots of pictures.
  7. Ask people questions, try keep the conversation focused on the other.
  8. If it isn’t kind, necessary or true, don’t say it.
  9. Be the first to ask “how can I help?”
  10. Thank you cards will never be outdated. Ever.
  11. Read a physical newspaper whenever you can.
  12. Sunday night dinner is overrated, popcorn and the Bourne Trilogy works just fine.
  13. Set a kitchen timer for 15 minutes for when you really can’t get anything done, and just get one thing done.
  14. Read stories often and out loud. Especially the classics.
  15. Try to go on walks. Good for the soul.
  16. Start your book collection early, and always keep adding as you discover more gems.
  17. No elbows on the table.
  18. No need to make a fuss over dessert, just go for straight chocolate.
  19. Don’t be afraid to keep buying children’s books as an adult.
  20. It’s ok to double up on glasses. You gotta do what you gotta do.
  21. Vaseline.
  22. If all else fails, just triple underline it.

I feel better already.

Mom, thank you for teaching me what things are worth crying over and what things aren’t.

I love you.

Love, Heath



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