This space is just a spot for me to write the way I like to write, versus the way I usually have to write for other people. It’s informal and hopefully very true to Heather. There is rarely anything well organized here. I hope you’re usually uplifted by reading through this, but not everything is always meant to encourage you. (sorry sorry) Sometimes I vent, and it’s not even that mature. Sometimes I just word-barf and stick it up here. But I think you’ll really get to know me better, or if you’re sitting there missing me, at least you’ll get to hear my voice in your head again.

I tend to call you names, like dearest and sweetheart. Sometimes it’s a little weird I’m sure, but I don’t get to call people baby-cakes on a daily basis, and I really love doing it.

I tend to disagree with myself with different posts. So don’t cross reference, it’ll annoy you.

I love Jesus a lot, but I don’t always write about it. I don’t know how to write about Him as well as I’d like to, that part is definitely a work in progress.

I’ll let you know if I think of anything else, but honestly this is so low key so I’m sure you’ll get that hang of what this is all about.

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